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CallSense: Know the least expensive calling plan for you.

Everyone can use CallSense
rate plan comparison software. You just enter your calls, select which calling plans you want to compare, and the plan comparison software does the rest for you.

The CallSense software makes it point-and-click easy to make sense of the complex long distance calling plan pricing games.

Accurate: True Costs
CallSense software
sets the standard.  For the first time ever, you can now easily and accurately compare residential long distance calling plans to the penny including all costs that vary by long distance phone company and calling plan.

CallSense software enables you to accurately compare the most popular calling plans; accurately compare the most popular dial around numbers for each call; and even accurately see how much you are saving, or could be saving, while you are still on the phone.

Save Money on Long Distance

The True Costs Billboard is a standard part of the CallSense software. This interactive billboard enables every American to see how much they could be saving, or are saving, with AT&T vs. Verizon (MCI) vs. Sprint vs. dial around numbers based on how they actually use the phone.

True Costs Billboard was inspired by the MCI roadside billboard that said how much America was saving with MCI vs. AT&T.  Now you have your own personal long distance comparison billboard.  Now you can really see how AT&T compares to Verizon compares to Sprint compares to the dial around numbers based how you actually use your phone.

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